7 Ideas for Creating the Best Custom Bookmarks

4th Jul 2022

7 Ideas for Creating the Best Custom Bookmarks

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When you are in charge of crafting custom bookmarks for your event or business, it may seem simple enough. Meanwhile, it is actually no small feat to accomplish successfully!

How many bookmarks have you yourself seen that were more so eye sores than not? Or were of the poorest quality? Or simply weren’t the kinds of bookmarks you wanted to store in your books let alone show off to friends and family?

We’ve all been there, and you surely don’t want to be the person responsible for creating bookmarks like that. You want them to be memorable– but for the right reasons!

That’s what we aim to fix right now with our list of seven ideas for creating the most eye-catching custom bookmarks! That way, your desired audience will feel more inclined to pick up your bookmarks, use them, and pridefully show to others!

1.Add High-Quality Images

We all know the common quote, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This absolutely applies to the pictures you include in your bookmarks! That’s because any image you provide on your bookmark speaks volumes to the holder about you.

Simply put, when you have high-quality images, that translates to a high-quality business. When you have low-quality images, well, your company or business is seen as such.

Only opt for high-quality images, whether they be simple icons, background images, or your logo!

2.Make Your Text “Pop” (But Still Match Your Theme!)

As you might have already imagined, you need some words on your bookmarks as well (your patrons are readers, after all!)! Your chosen event title or message should be clearly visible while simultaneously matching the color scheme/theme. But, they should still be enticing! Think large scripts and bubble letters. These will look superb and properly snatch the gazes of all those around.

3.Make Your Message Straight to the Point and Obvious

When you do choose specific phrases or words in general, you should ensure that they are legible of course but also go straight to the point. You don’t need to put an entire book on a bookmark, after all! The shorter the better, really, as there simply isn’t enough room to dillydally!

You should also make your images and phrases be coherent and cohesive. For example, you wouldn’t want to put a background image of a rainbow for an animal adoption event! You don’t want to leave your bookmark holder guessing so don’t. Clarity is your friend here!

4.Tack on a Tassel


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Bookmarks on their own are enticing and can effectively get your message across, but when you tack on a tassel to each one, you’re making them even more convenient and fun for holders!

These attention-grabbing attachments make for superb accessories to your bookmarks that make them much easier for readers to spot– and easier to use and not lose inside their books!

5.Your Company Name Should Be Readable But Not Too “In Your Face”

We know that we already mentioned how the text on your bookmark should be legible, but we needed to make a separate point about your company/business name. You should 100% include your company or brand name– there is not doubt about that. However, you should make sure that it isn’t too “in your face.”

Instead, make it more innocuous. Put it in a place where it’s not clearly marketing for your brand, as this method of marketing is practically out the door nowadays. Try putting it on the top or bottom of the bookmark in a finer (yet still readable) print.

6.Don’t Forget Both Sides

If you can manage it, we highly recommend you go for bookmarks that are double-sided! You can choose to print the same image and text on both sides or change them up. That is for you to ultimately decide. When you use both sides, though, you increase visibility of your message. It’s kind of a no-brainer, we’d say!

7.Choose a Quality Printing/Designing Company to Help

When you are finally ready to print your (now stunning) custom bookmarks, the next step is locating a place that will do so exceptionally well. You need a place that will print your bookmarks with the utmost quality, will get them to you in your timeframe, will be pleasant to deal with, and will properly match your desired and set price point.

That is precisely where we come in at BookMarksStore.com. We are knowledgeable in all things bookmarks and what is required to create the most high-quality, enjoyable, and stunning options around.

We offer our customers a wide variety of choices in order to effectively meet their needs and expectations. We have a number of sizes to choose from that come in bulk along with tassels, premium printing, and more! Browse our custom bookmarks today and, if you have any questions, give us a call at 727-275-8111 today!

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