Chainette vs. Floss Tasseled bookmarks

27th May 2022

Chainette vs. Floss Tasseled bookmarks

When it comes to the humble bookmark, most people don’t realize that there are different types to choose from. Two of the most common ones are the chainette and floss tasseled bookmarks.

While there aren’t significant differences between the two, their main difference lies in their tassel, which is at the top of their loops.

In a nutshell, a floss tassel is created with smaller and softer strands of rayon, while a chainette tassel is made with twisted rayon, with its main feature being a bigger tassel at the top.

Keep reading to find out more about how these two bookmarks differ.

Chainette vs. Floss Tasseled Bookmarks

Floss Tassels

When you think of a bookmark, chances are, you’re probably imagining the floss tasseled bookmark. They are the most common type of bookmark tassel and are often given as gifts. Created with small rayon strands, floss tassel bookmarks are smooth, exquisite, elegant, and tend to cost less.

Floss tassels make extremely versatile gifts since there are so many colors to choose from. Their lower cost also makes them ideal as a bulk gift. For example, they are perfect for events or a class full of students. Floss tassel bookmarks also come in various sizes, and you can get them in extra small to larger sizes for all purposes. The main drawback of floss tassels is that their intricate strands may fray after some time. 

Chainette Tassels

As mentioned, the main point of difference between both bookmarks lies in their tassel. Chainette tassels are created by twisting many small rayon strands, giving rise to a much thicker and heavier feel and appearance. This is what gives the chainette tassel its main advantage, which is how it doesn’t fray too much, thanks to the thicker tassel that makes it more durable. As expected, chainette tassels cost more, and they tend to be larger. However, they are more unique and feel more exquisite and high-quality.


Ultimately, both bookmarks will effectively do their job of marking your spot in a book. They can be so much more than just a bookmark.

Depending on your preference or budget, the chainette or floss tasseled bookmarks will be perfect for your event or recipients. Whether you’re looking for something simple and functional or whimsical and memorable, you can create your own custom bookmarks with our bookmark store!

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