Custom, Personalized Bookmarks for Your Next Big Event

16th May 2022

Custom, Personalized Bookmarks for Your Next Big Event

Although many people have turned to e-books or electronic devices for reading, plenty of literature lovers still reach for a paper copy of their next adventure. In fact, some people buy bookmarks for their bookmark collections or use them in their notebooks.

Whether or not you’re a literary business that wants to give out custom, personalized bookmarks to your readers or customers, using bookmarks to promote any brand is an excellent marketing strategy at your next event. They’re convenient and don’t take up much space, so even if visitors don’t have a tote bag with them, they can leave your event with a little memento!

Why Should You Use Bookmarks at Your Next Event?

Brands have given away customized swag and tokens to help potential customers remember their business. If that token is something they can use, like a bookmark, they’ll see it more often and are likely to have a more positive view of your brand.

Unlike some customized swag, bookmarks won’t clutter someone’s home. They can always be used, and they aren’t so big that a visitor will need to dedicate a space on their coffee table for something from your business.

What Benefits Can Custom Bookmarks Provide You Business?

Maximize Conversions With Minimum Investment

The cost of producing hundreds of custom bookmarks is much lower than producing hundreds of t-shirts or tote bags, but it’s a great way to keep people thinking about your brand. Every time they see or use your bookmark, they’ll think of your business.

Improve Customer Relations

Everyone loves little gifts, and bookmarks are no exception. A bookmark that doubles as a custom promotional tool for your business will not only help spread brand awareness, but it tells customers you care. You can offer bookmarks to customers whether they buy something or not and still leave a positive impression on them.

Set Your Brand Apart

Many businesses give out t-shirts, backpacks, tote bags, or pens. While these aren’t bad choices, they are commonplace.

Custom bookmarks aren’t as common, but they’re still useful and can be incredibly creative. Using custom bookmarks for your next event is an excellent way to show customers how you’re different from the competition. At the very least, they’ll appreciate not having to make room in their dresser for a new t-shirt or finding a place to store yet another backpack.

Create Brand Loyalty

Promotional items of all types help create a sense of brand loyalty amongst your customers and visitors alike. Even just offering someone a bookmark increases customer engagement as you take the time to converse with a visitor and offer up your custom bookmark.


Bookmarks aren’t as outdated as some may think and can be an incredibly useful and unique promotional idea. Since they’re small, customers won’t worry about the space they’ll need to make at home. Instead, they’ll benefit from something that not only helps promote your business but can be used in their everyday routine.

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